Out Loud Thoughts

Art Projects, India Art Summit, Delhi | 2011
Project Supported by GREY NOISE, Lahore and thejamjar, Dubai

At freedom to experiment with the commercial fair settings, the non-commercial project comprised of vinyl printed handwritten text stickers that were pasted at various sites in the 8000sqft + venue. The text pieces questioned or stirred personal and public opinions about the fair and its components, as well as the artist’s own views about herself as a participant.

Artist’s note:
Thoughts that stay inside for too long become strange little people of their own and have very imaginary (or very real) conversations with each other. Depending on the state of our mind and our functionality in an accepted framework of social spaces, these conversations can be either insane or enlightening, or both. All we really want is to be understood, appreciated, wanted, desired. In the Out Loud Thoughts project I use personal statements from inside my head. These are private thoughts spoken out loud and presented before an audience that might feel like they are either part of an intimate conversation or intruding on something that wasn’t meant for them.

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